A Better Bitcoin

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto invented a new type of money that was intended to empower the people. This form of money made peer-to-peer transactions possible, without the need for an intermediary such as a bank. He names his invention Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Soars

On January 1, 2010, the first day of the new decade, the value of one Bitcoin was 1/4th of one cent. By the last day of the decade, December 31, 2019, the value of a single Bitcoin had soared to $7,193.60, going up an incredible 2,877,440 times in value.

Bitcoin Goes Astray

Despite it’s tremendous increase in value, Bitcoin fails to gain mass adoption and become the peer-to-peer currency for the people that Satoshi envisioned. Instead, just as with the fiat based monetary system, the elite quietly enter the space, and as of now, currently own and control 90+% of all Bitcoin and Altcoins. 

Reclaiming Satoshi’s Vision

A very astute, passionate group of blockchain engineers, cryptocurrency experts and business people from all around the world have come together to re-create Satoshi’s vision for a fast, no-fee, decentralized currency for the use and benefit of humanity.

Bitcoin Re-Made

Recognizing the areas in which Bitcoin failed to achieve Satoshi’s vision, this group has updated and improved Bitcoin to eliminate the shortfalls of Bitcoin’s current status. It is called Bitcoin Black.

Fair Distribution

Rather than allow a few elite insiders to purchase the majority of coins, a good portion of Bitcoin Black will be simply given away to One Million Users in an upcoming airdrop. The airdrop will happen once 1 million people have signed up.

Only after the airdrop has completed will Bitcoin Black be offered on an exchange. Additionally, once the airdrop has transpired, users of Bitcoin Black will be able to earn more coins by introducing others to the currency, with the goal being to get Bitcoin Black into hundreds of millions of homes, schools, businesses, and communities all around the globe.

Sign Up For The Free Airdrop

There is no cost to sign up for the airdrop. There is no privacy invasion. You simply need an email address and a wallet address to receive 3,600 Bitcoin Black when the airdrop occurs. The initial value of Bitcoin Black will be one cent when it is introduced on an exchange, thus the initial value of your coins will be $36.00. How high the price goes will depend on many factors, all of which are being optimized for the greatest success.

Where & How To Get Bitcoin Black

Registering to receive 3,600 Bitcoin Black coins in the airdrop is extremely easy. Just go to the homepage of Bitcoin Black and scroll down to “Get Coins”. By clicking on that, another page will open that asks you to enter your email. Once you’ve entered your email, you’re registered. That’s all there is to it. Your email address will not be shared or spammed. It is simply for the purpose of letting you know when the airdrop happens so that you can get your coins.

Get Your Airdrop Coins Here:

www.Bitcoin.black (scroll down to “Get Coins”)

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